Meet Rachel, your hospital-certified confidante

Meet Rachel, your hospital-certified confidante

James' much awaited ski trip turned disastrous when a rogue skier caused him to tear his ACL. The diagnosis was grim - limited walking, absolutely no driving and physiotherapy for at least 3 months. A single dad to two middle school girls, James was worried - how was he going to balance getting to work, managing physio appointments, picking up the kids, stocking up the groceries...?

He heard his phone ring.


"Hi! My name is Rachel. The hospital asked me to check up on you. How are you doing today, James?"

"Oh well, I'm terrified. I don’t understand how I'm going to manage the next 3 months!"

"I understand. ACL recoveries can be very inconvenient. If you'd like, I can help you through it. Don’t worry, James!"

Meet Rachel, Hippocratic's hyper-specialized generative AI agent for healthcare and every patient's companion and confidante. She can help James not only understand how to take his medication, but also call pharmacies to check and fill-in prescriptions, book and remind him of physiotherapy appointments, deliver his grocery list and arrange play dates for his kids. Hippocratic understands that navigating a pre-operation and post-operation life is hard. Rachel is there to help.

We are thrilled to co-lead Hippocratic's $53M series A, partnering with a world-class team in Munjal Shah, Vishal Parikh, Meenesh Bhimani, Alex Miller, Saad Godil, and Subho Mukherjee.

Our investments in Epic, Included Health, Sondermind and Firefly have helped us understand what high quality care looks like, how do you make digital health successful and how significant moats can be created in healthcare. At the same time, in the realm of AI, we've seen how LLMs have pushed the envelope in natural language understanding and voice technology and being able to reason over disparate data. Also, unlike previous iterations of software, we believe vertical specific solutions in AI with deep data moats will accrue disproportionate value.

We were looking for teams solving very specific problems, with deep, AI-enabled solutions. And Hippocratic is doing exactly that for healthcare.

There are three elements that excite us about Hippocratic:

1/ A generative AI agent that works so well and is so life-like in its conversational style, voice and understanding of patient needs, it feels surreal

2/ Machine learning jockeys in Saad and Subho who have been able to reign in the two biggest problems in generative AI - hallucination and inference cost - without sacrificing accuracy

3/ Seasoned healthcare team in Munjal, Alex, Meenesh and Vishal that have established deep relationships with hospital systems across the country and crafted a business model to transform a $400B+ TAM

We can't wait to see what the team will accomplish. Onwards!

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